Order over 600.00$ in products (humidor items) not received and no refund

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I have contacted Humidor Vault via phone and email 22 seperate occasions informing HUMIDOR VAULT's customer service that I have still not recieved my ordered placed on 02 Dec 2012 in the amount of $642.21. I am in the US Navy and stationed overseas. Their website stated that there was no issue shipping overseas to military addresses. I have used my mailing address for 3 years with other US based businesses and with zero shipping issues.

I also provided a my number to include my email address but not once did anyone from their company attempt to contact me in regards to the delay in shipping or issues with my address.

I finally received an email response from them 27 days later after my order was placed and 14 days after my last email was sent.

My packages were gifts for my finace who is on deployment and would have recieved them once arriving home. I was extremely exicted to know that he would have something relaxing to come home to that truly would take his mind off the retched place he had been for the last year. That is something they can't give back to us. However, I was finally able to contact Stephen after 22 calls from overseas directly to the store location rather then their 1-800 number (which NO ONE ever answers). I explained my situation and he stated there was a problem with the size of the items and the shipping carrier they used but he would attempt to ship again. I asked him to just please provide my full refund as the items are now 3 months past due.

He stated he would do so and that I should see it in my account in 48 hours. That was two weeks ago and I have not receieved the money or products. I no longer want the products, I just want the full amount that was charged. I did attempt to contact my bank to possibly dispute the charge but they have a 60 day limit on disuputes. I am extremely at a loss here and I could use the money back. However, it is the prinicpal at this point of the blatent disregard for customers. Stephan was extremely rude with me and I get the feeling this happens alot with them. I want to do my part to ensure people are better informed of their devious tactics with their business practices.

How can I now get my money back??

Finally, it is my impression that this business is a scam. Of the 22 times I called their phone numbers on their websit, not once did anyone ever answer. After reviewing multiple online reviews it seems that these guys are collecting money 100% of the time and rendering service only 50% of the time. They are truly making a profit!

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